How To Choose The Best Knife

Needless to say, you should select a knife depending on your needs. But the thing is, with numerous brands and models out there, choosing the best one can be a challenge. No matter the kind of knife you need to purchase, here are some factors to take into account.

Material used in blade

The majority of knives are produced from stainless steel and carbon steel. The benefits and drawbacks of each kind of steel could be argued on end, but here are a few of their distinctive traits. Carbon steel is usually harder than stainless steel, and keeps its edge for a longer period. They are hard-wearing, too. Stainless steel are more affordable and less difficult to sharpen. Some knife manufacturers use high carbon stainless steel, which brings together the best features of both steels.



Blade handle

A high-quality blade handle is crucial to make sure that your grip will remain tight and so your hand doesn’t get fatigued easily when working with the knife. There are several kinds of knife handles, the most well-known include aluminum, wood, celluloid, and G10, which is manufactured from fiberglass. Regardless of the material used, choose a knife whose handle is comfortable to hold. Textured plastic or bare-wood handles provide the best grip for people with wet hands.

If you are purchasing a folding or pocket knife, another thing to consider will be the locking mechanism which stops the blade from accidentally closing on your hands. Go here to find the best pocket knife.

Forged or stamped

These terms refer to the way a knife is created. Forging involves subjecting steel repeated cycles of heating, cooling and hammering to temper it and form it into a knife. A forged blade is considered to be tougher than stamped knives. Stamping involves cutting a knife blade from a sheet of metal with the use of a template. Because they’re easier to create, they are more affordable.


The knife edge is an important design factor to take into account because it is the part that does the cutting. Generally speaking, the knife’s becomes sharper as the edge becomes thinner. But the thinner the edge is, the more brittle it is, as well. So if you require a knife that is strong, pick one that is less acute at the edge. Some knives feature a series of divots along the edge which keeps food from sticking to the blade.


How much you will pay for a knife is based on a variety of elements. Therefore the price range for a specific type of knife can be wide, and it is smart to shop around first. Quality knives could be expensive, but coupons can help chop a few dollars off so make sure you look out for those deals.


How To Choose The Best Knife

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