6 Myths Uncovered About Knife

During the Stone Age period knife has been the tool that was widely used. The myths that exist are about how to use and care how to care for knives. Some of these myths have a little bit of truth while some have no basic background at all. The common myths include:

1. When knives are dull, their edges wear out

A quality knife has its edges firm and do not wear away. If anything, it folds over itself because of the impact of cutting. Sometimes pieces at the edge break off.



2. Dull knives are safer than sharp ones

To our general knowledge most injuries caused by knives are cut and that is why you think blunt is safe. As a matter of fact sharp is safe. A dull knife will require the user to apply more force to cut. In that way you will have less control of the knife hence possible accidents. 3. Giving a knife as a gift in relationships is a bad luck People believe that giving knives as a gift in a relationship or friendship will ? ?cut’ their ties. Funny! Because people have received gifts and they have remained united. 4. Some knives never need sharpening This claim is by manufacturers. The fact is that knives that are even or serrated get dull occasionally and will require the user to sharpen it for better performance like when it was new. 5. Knives are dulled by cutting through food, not cutting boards The basis of this myth is that since the knife does a lot of cutting food, it makes it blunt. The fact is that the cutting board is the one that stops the knife. It is a hard board so it has more damage to the knife. 6. Knives can be sharpened by pulling across the plate or a stepping stone Rough surfaces of the plate and the stone can produce ragged and uneven edges. It will therefore produce uneven surfaces on the blade. These rough surfaces can also rip off part of the blade thus shorten the life of the knife.



6 Myths Uncovered About Knife

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